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John Munro Wright is a consultant employment lawyer who has been in practice since 1997. Only employees who have been employed continuously by their employers for at least two years can bring ordinary unfair dismissal claims to recover their financial losses. However, employees who have been continuously employed by their employers for less than two years (even for one day or less) can also bring unfair dismissal claims and other claims for a range of reasons which the law regard as automatically unfair.

Qualifications: Bachelor of Laws, Southampton Institute of Higher Education 22 June 1994, awarded by Nottingham Trent University (Z1305880). Master of Laws 15 July 1998, awarded by University of Leicester.


Free employment law advice can be obtained from ACAS, the government Advisory, Conciliation and Arbitration Service:

Citizens' Advice Bureau also provide employment law advice:

If you seek employment law advice from a solicitor or direct access barrister, it is important to ascertain that the practitioner has specialist knowledge in this area of law. Reputable lawyers will provide free 30 minutes' case assessment and advice. A competent lawyer should be able to provide you with a print-out of the case authorities and statutory provisions upon which he or she has based his or her advice.